Prime Minister Sara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila says Chief Hosea Kutako was a national hero who didn't only think of his tribe but reached out to other communities. She said this when she visited Divine Priest Absai Uetuesapi Mungendje, who now oversees the sacred shrine at the Hosea Kutako Museum and Homestead in Toasis in the Aminuis Constituency.

The Premier visited the Hosea Kutako Museum and Homestead to see progress made thus far on the construction site. She was given the opportunity to sit on one of the chairs the late Chief Hosea Kutako used for his meetings, which will be handed over to the museum as an artifact. Kuugongelwa-Amadhila encouraged the younger generation to emulate the late chief's example.

She said the construction of this project was done under a special initiative by the head of state in recognition of the contribution made by Chief Kutako during the country's liberation struggle. "Our prayer is that you will be around to witness its inauguration, but we are happy that you have lived to see it commence. So, you know that we could do something here for our revered leader, Chief Hosea Kutako, and that the government continues to value the role that is played by traditional leaders both before independence, when they put up the resistance against the invaders and colonists, and after independence, when they continue to protect our traditions and customs. We will strive as Namibians of this new generation to give our best to the whole of Namibia." Kuugongelwa-Amadhila further said that the government values traditional leaders as they are important to nation-building.

The 99-year-old Mungendje, who bestowed blessings on the Prime Minister, encouraged her and the Omaheke Governor to continue visiting the residence. "I am thankful that we were able to meet upon your visit here. Let us walk together, let us not be separated, so we can continue to take this nation forward with my profound gratitude. My son (Pijoo) is also among you; I am grateful that you brought a number of people here, the Prime Minister is with you. Continue to always do so, and always remember that this residence is here, don't forget us. Always send an envoy to come and visit on a regular basis."

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