Rains over the weekend bring relief from heat wave in some parts of the country


Light to moderate rains recorded over the weekend brought relief from the heat wave in some parts of the country. 

Over the past week, temperatures have hovered between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius in places such as Keetmanshoop, which received some light showers on Friday and Saturday. 

Figures revealed on the Namibia Meteorological Services website show that the highest rainfall of 19.2 millimetres measured today was recorded in Windhoek.

CSO programme roll-out launches in Karasburg, Ariamsvlei


3,129 offenders have been sentenced to community service since the full implementation of the Community Service Order (CSO) programme in 2010.

Out of this figure, 2,781 offenders successfully completed their sentencing conditions by December 31, 2023, while 286 breached the conditions.

This was revealed by the Commissioner General of the Namibian Correctional Service, Raphael Hamunyela.  

Galz and Goals Football Development Festival Empowers Girls in ||Kharas


The Galz and Goals Football Development Programme in the Karasburg District of the ||Kharas region recently hosted the FIFA Grassroots Festival, aimed at nurturing young girls and equipping them with the skills to potentially represent the national team in the future.

The festival, which took place over the weekend, not only promotes healthy lifestyles among girls but also encourages their development into professional football players.

Irregularities at Karasburg Town Council concerns community


The Karasburg community also raised its concerns with the minister regarding the alleged irregularities at the Town Council.

These include the dormancy of the Council's Built Together Housing Programme, irregular appointments, and water and electricity issues.

The community reiterated the complaints it lodged with the minister.

Minister Uutoni explained that replacements in any local authority under administration cannot be done overnight, as many would expect.

He denied having given preferential treatment to some community members.

School principals gather at Karasburg to review 2022 exam results


||Kharas Education Director Johannes ||Hoeseb has cautioned against blaming the dismal examination performance of last year's Grade 11 and 12  on the education system. 
||Hoeseb was speaking during school principals' gathering at Karasburg where they were reviewing and examining how the teaching staff impacted the region's examination results. 

||Kharas was nationally rated second best performer in Grade 12 AS Examination and  ||Hoeseb says the region performed fairly in Grade 11 and 12 examinations.