Swapo in Zambezi commemorated life of the late Tobias Hainyeko


The Swapo Party in Zambezi Region commemorated the life of the late Tobias Hainyeko at Namwi Island.

The commemoration, which took place on the day he was shot and killed in 1967, is said to be the first since Namibia's independence of the former PLAN commander.

Lawrence Sampofu, Governor of Zambezi said that even though efforts to locate Hainyeko's remains or burial site were never fruitful, it was important for his name to never be forgotten, and to be remembered as one of Namibia's fallen heroes.

Nama and Ovaherero gather to commemorate 1904-1908 genocide victims


Descendants of the Nama and Ovaherero gathered at Lüderitz in the ||Kharas Region to commemorate 118 years since tens of thousands of their ancestors were killed by the Germans.

The three-day Genocide Remembrance, which started on Friday, was attended by the Ovaherero Traditional Authority and the Nama Traditional Leaders Association.

The Herero and Nama genocide was the massacre of more than 60,000 people on April 22, 1905, by German military forces ordered by General Lothar von Trotha.