NamRA opens satellite office at Opuwo


Opuwo Mayor Rosa Mbinge Tjeundo has commended the Namibia Revenue Agency (NamRA) management for opening a satellite office at Opuwo.

Tjeundo, who was speaking at a stakeholder consultation, said residents have been relieved of travel costs to acquire services.

Previously, NamRA only had an office in Khorixas, which was closer to the residents who resided in the southern part of Kunene Region, while those in the north used to travel to Oshakati, which was a costly exercise for them.

Opuwo annual Trade Fair kicks off


The 10th annual Opuwo Trade Fair has kicked off but at a slow pace.

So far the trade fair only attracted about a hundred visitors since the gates opened on Monday.

There are 123 exhibitors participating at the trade fair, showcasing unique products made in Opuwo.

The Council also incorporated a career fair, boxing bonanza, cultural and tourism expo and the Miss Opuwo Beauty pageant.