Opuwo Mayor Rosa Mbinge Tjeundo has commended the Namibia Revenue Agency (NamRA) management for opening a satellite office at Opuwo.

Tjeundo, who was speaking at a stakeholder consultation, said residents have been relieved of travel costs to acquire services.

Previously, NamRA only had an office in Khorixas, which was closer to the residents who resided in the southern part of Kunene Region, while those in the north used to travel to Oshakati, which was a costly exercise for them.

"The significance of this day cannot be overstated. Our residents now have an office of their own, right here in Opuwo, where they can file their tax returns, seek information on tax and customs matters, and address various concerns related to NamRA's operations. No longer will our people have to travel long distances to Khorixas, Otjiwarongo, and Oshakati for this exercise; the office is right here in Opuwo. on long and arduous journeys to access these essential services, which were previously available only in Khorixas and Otjiwarongo," said Tjieundo.

NamRA Commissioner Sam Shivute noted that the satellite office has come as a result of a reflection by management to be present in almost every region.

However, Shivute indicated that it is not right for someone to travel long distances to acquire public services, adding that they have been going around to engage the community on tax compliance.

"Why should our people from Opuwo have to travel? 300 to Otjiwarongo or 300 or 200 to Oshakati to be serviced, why? Because we are public institutions, we need to bring services to the people." 

The satellite office presently offers few services; however, Shivute guaranteed that it will soon be upgraded.

"Whatever services they can get access to the system and get all the services here, and some of the services that are not yet here, we will bring them up.  I was telling the colleagues that they must work hard so that we can grow the office, so that the office can become bigger, and so that they can take those positions as well."

Kunene Governor Marius Sheya expressed his gratitude towards NamRA for its service delivery, indicating that it is one of the few government institutions that have proven to be effective and efficient.

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