The 10th annual Opuwo Trade Fair has kicked off but at a slow pace.

So far the trade fair only attracted about a hundred visitors since the gates opened on Monday.

There are 123 exhibitors participating at the trade fair, showcasing unique products made in Opuwo.

The Council also incorporated a career fair, boxing bonanza, cultural and tourism expo and the Miss Opuwo Beauty pageant.

"We are going to have the conservancies, they are going to showcase what they are doing, so we tried to integrate with conservancies, culture, sports and education is the key. Today is an education day, we are going to have around 8 schools coming for the career fair, and we expect all the primary schools in Opuwo to come for kiddies park. So today is just dedicated to education. So the layout of programs is what makes people come to Opuwo," said Opuwo Mayor Rosa Mbinge Tjeundo. 

The Acting Local Economic Development Officer of Opuwo, McSean Makono urged the public to visit the expo.

"They should come to learn and explore the industry as to what it can offer. We have quite a variety of companies here. So young people should come and explore different courses that are offered from the VTCs, different trades that are offered, and also probably maybe they might pick up something and make a living out of it."

The trade fair is being hosted under the theme "Promoting Sports, Tourism and Trade for Sustainable Development".


Photo Credits
MICT Kunene Regional Office


Faith Sankwasa