||Kharas leaders want Witbooi shrine at both Gibeon and Vaalgras


Political leadership and traditional leaders in the ||Kharas Region are in support of the parliamentary motion to erect an ever-lighting shrine in honour of the legacy of the late Kaptein Hendrik Witbooi. 

They rallied behind the motion during consultations with the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Human Resources and Community Development at Keetmanshoop.

Kaptein Witbooi, affectionately known as Outa !Nanseb, was the leader of the |Khowese clan, a sub-tribe of the Nama people. 

Ida Jimmy-!Ha-Eiros remembered


Mourners gathered at Farm Snip River in the ||Kharas Region to pay tribute to late Swapo Party liberation struggle stalwart Ida Jimmy-!Ha-Eiros during the official memorial service. 

Jimmy-!Ha-Eiros died on April 3 at the age of 79.

Delivering the message of President Nangolo Mbumba, Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila says the liberation struggle icon in her political journey encountered immense hardships, torture, and imprisonment at the hands of the colonial regime oppressors. 

||Kharas improves on C plus grading


Despite dropping from second position to third on the 2023 NSSC Grade 11 national level ranking, the ||Kharas Region has improved overall on its C-plus grading compared to 2022.

These were the sentiments shared by ||Kharas Education Director Jesmine Magermann when giving her opinion on the performances of the 2023 NSSCO-LEVEL class. 

Magermann says the results of the region's 2023 NSSCO class improved overall from 32% to 37% for C-plus grading. 

Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust assists schools in ||Kharas Region


About N$500,000 was raised by the Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust (NFCPT) towards assisting schools in the ||Kharas Region, in need of desks, chairs, cutlery, and stationery.

The donated materials were handed over to the regional education directorate at Keetmanshoop by the Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust.

In 2012, the Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust committed to raising funds annually to benefit selected schools in all regions.

16 out of 214 NDF shortlisted candidates fail assessments


Out of 214 shortlisted candidates for positions with the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) in the ||Kharas Region, sixteen candidates failed to appear for written and physical assessments.

Candidates who attended the assessments were evaluated on their English proficiency. Additionally, they had to participate in a 2.4-kilometre run, with male candidates expected to finish within 13 minutes and female candidates within 17 minutes.

Furthermore, the candidates were subjected to other exercises, including push-ups and sit-ups.

Photography exhibition currently underway at Oranjemund


A photography exhibition currently underway at Oranjemund in the ||Kharas Region will provide residents with an opportunity for reflection and self-recognition.

Additionally, it offers tourists a rare chance to experience the more intimate and personal aspects of the former mining town from insiders' perspectives.

The 'My Oranjemund Photography Exhibition,' which showcases the work of 74 exhibitors, is currently on display at the Baronies as part of the town's annual Diamond Festival celebrations, providing a visual representation of the festivities.

Townships in Berseba Village to be formalised


The Regional and Urban Planning Board has provisionally approved the formalisation of existing townships within Berseba Village in ||Kharas Region.

Raymond Jossop, Acting Village Council LED Manager, revealed this at the Regional Development Coordination Committee meeting at Keetmanshoop.

Due to unproclaimed town land, residents were denied housing bonds and loans by banks as they did not have title deeds.

A title deed is a legal document by which the right of ownership of land or other property is transferred to someone.

Farm Komsberg residents celebrate belated independence


Landless People's Movement leader Bernadus Swartbooi says a country marked by inequality will not be able to sustain its independence, peace, and stability in the future.

Swartbooi made these remarks while addressing the belated independence celebrations gathering at Farm Komsberg in the ||Kharas Region.

The inhabitants of Karasburg East celebrated their belated independence at Komsberg in the ||Kharas Region.

Unemployed youth in Keetmanshoop demand a halt to interviews of shortlisted police cadets in  ||Kharas Region


Unemployed youth in Keetmanshoop have raised their concerns and demanded a halt to the interviews of shortlisted police cadets in the ||Kharas Region.

They claimed that the recruitment shortlisting process is discriminatory and disadvantages the young people of the region.

The youth organised a march to the Police Regional Headquarters in Keetmanshoop, where they handed over a petition expressing their condemnation of the shortlisting process, alleging that it was discriminatory towards the native southerners of the region.

Government and Hyphen Hydrogen Energy sign Feasibility and Implementation Agreement


The Namibian government and Hyphen Hydrogen Energy have signed the Feasibility and Implementation Agreement for the N$10 billion Green Hydrogen project.

The agreement was signed at State House by the respective parties.

The Feasibility and Implementation Agreement will serve as the governing document for the development, implementation, and operation of a green hydrogen project in the vicinity of the Tsau-||Khaeb National Park in the ||Kharas region.