Rossing Uranium funds N$20 million police station in Swakopmund


Rossing Uranium has sponsored the construction of a N$20 million police station at Swakopmund's DRC informal settlement.

Construction is set to begin this month.

Residents at the DRC informal settlement and Matutura travel to Mondesa police station, which is about 10 kilometres away, for services.

They have complained to the Swakopmund municipality that it takes longer for the police to respond to their emergencies.

The municipality therefore donated land for the construction of a police station, which will be funded by Rossing Uranium.

Namibia, Zambia compare notes on civil registration


In a move aimed at enhancing internal security and ensuring credible national registration, Namibia and Zambia have embarked on a collaborative effort to share expertise and best practices in the fields of civil registration and identity management systems.

A high-level delegation from Zambia's National Registration, Passport, and Citizenship Department is in Namibia to engage in this knowledge-sharing initiative. 

MHAISS refutes claims of denying click characters on IDs


The Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security has refuted claims that it has banned click characters.

The Ministry was responding to a publication in a local daily newspaper that reported that the Ministry had turned away an individual whose surname comprises a click character.

The Ministry's Executive Director, Etienne Maritz, dismissed the allegations as untrue, saying the ministry has never implemented any policy that discriminates against any community.

Home Affairs Ministry complies with Supreme Court's judgement on same-sex marriages


The Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security says it will comply with the Supreme Court's judgement on same-sex marriages.

In a statement, the Executive Director of the Ministry, Etienne Maritz, says the ministry acknowledges the independence of the courts and the finality of Supreme Court decisions.

Maritz says the ministry is currently engaged in consultations with relevant key stakeholders regarding any other legal implications that may arise from the judgement.