Breaking the circle of poverty through housing provision


Twenty-eight families received keys to their new homes during a joyous occasion marking the completion of the first phase of the Informal Settlement Upgrading Pilot Project, which aims to build 113 houses. 

This project is a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, the City of Windhoek, the National Housing Enterprise, and the |Khomas Regional Council.

The ceremony was filled with excitement as beneficiaries celebrated the realisation of their dream of homeownership, a dream that remains elusive for many Namibians.

65% of Namibians believe corruption now worse - Afrobarometer


An Afrobarometer survey has found that citizens' perceptions of the extent of corruption in Namibia have increased, although the share of those who think so has decreased significantly in recent years. 

These findings could significantly impact the upcoming elections due to public concern over governance and transparency.

65% of Namibians say corruption in the country has increased "somewhat" or "a lot" during the year preceding the survey. That is, however, a 13% drop since 2017.

CoW's Solid Waste Management contract workers down tools


The City of Windhoek's Solid Waste Management contract workers have downed tools. 

Workers said they have been on temporary contracts for years, some extending over a decade, and face the uncertainty of unemployment at the end of July.

The workers submitted petitions in 2023 and April 2024 this year but have yet to receive any responses.

Growing impatient, they now demand answers directly from the Minister of Urban and Rural Development.

 The workers gathered outside the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development as a listening ear. 

Electricity Tariffs to Remain Unchanged for 2024-2025


The Electricity Control Board (ECB) has announced that electricity tariffs for the 2024–2025 period will remain unchanged until June 2025.

This decision comes as part of the government's subsidy programme aimed at lessening the financial impact on consumers.

ECB CEO Robert Kahimise says that while maintaining current rates, the government intends to provide stability and economic relief amid rising living costs.

Namibia launches Integrated Landscape Project


The Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism has launched the Namibia Integrated Landscape Approach for Enhancing Livelihoods and Environmental Governance to Eradicate Poverty project. 

Supported by the Global Environment Facility and the UNDP, the project aims to promote sustainable landscape management, reduce poverty with nature-based livelihoods, protect forests, and achieve land degradation neutrality.

Namibia, Russia strengthen ties with Federation Council visit


The National Council hosted the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation to strengthen their long-standing relationship.

Highlighting the importance of continued collaboration through "friendship groups for cooperation," the week-long visit had various activities, including touring the Parliament, visiting the Heroes Acre, and the tomb of the late President Hage Geingob to honour and respect him for the work he has contributed for his country. 

Sanet Bombas makes waves in wine industry


A woman who hails from humble beginnings in the small town of  Khorixas is making waves in the wine industry.

Sanet Bombas recently launched a range of wines called Bombas.

The Sanet Bombas journey is one laced with passion, perseverance, and pride.

Bombas initially carved out her career as a beautician in the coastal town of Swakopmund. 

However, her ambitions soon led her to pursue a dream that would honour her family's legacy and traditions. 

Bridghead Group Holdings declares dividend payout


Bridgehead Group Holdings has declared a dividend payout of N$500,000 to its shareholder, the National Youth Council of Namibia. 

The Board of Directors of Bridgehead made the announcement during a ceremony held at the NYC's Head Office in Windhoek.

The dividend stems from Bridgehead's equity interest in the Uukumwe Youth Empowerment Consortium, an entity operating within the fishing sector. 

Uukumwe's effective ventures contributed to this generous distribution of funds, illustrating the benefits of strategic investments and corporate governance.

DIAMAN donates to the Windhoek Mental Health Unit 


The Diamond Manufacturers' Association of Namibia (DIAMAN) has donated furniture, sanitary items, chairs, medical equipment, and mattresses to the Windhoek Mental Health Unit to improve the environment and well-being of patients there.

The company will also launch a second phase of renovations to the unit.

DIAMAN further plans to renovate the acute patients room, the reception area at Ward C, repair the ablution facilities, and other related plumbing works, as well as the revamp of the Forensic Ward.

Low turn-out at registration points a concern


With two weeks already passed in the voter registration period and only seven weeks remaining until the final deadline, concerns are growing about the low turnout on weekends at registration points in Katutura's East and Central constituencies.

NBC reporter Johanna !Uri≠Khos visited the registration points, where she observed fewer than a hundred registrations recorded in each constituency on Saturday morning.

In an effort to encourage residents, ECN officials are urging people to register to vote and emphasizing the importance of participating in the democratic process.