Kilimanjaro community benefits from #BeFree movement 


Windhoek's Kilimanjaro Informal Settlement was transformed into a hub of excitement and empowerment as the #BeFree movement, a wing of the One Economy Foundation, hosted an outreach event. 

Thousands of community members and children participated in various activities and accessed vital health services. 

The community was surprised to learn that the venue will become a permanent site for a new #BeFree campus.

Namibia Institute of Pathology fully prepared for outbreak response


The Namibia Institute of Pathology (NIP) has prepared all its systems in readiness and response to any outbreak that may require its services.

The institute has an annual test performance of approximately three million.

NIP's capacity was tested to the limit following the outbreak of COVID-19, especially in light of what was to follow when Namibia reported its first case in 2020.

Osino acquisition signal economic emancipation


The Managing Director and Vice President of Dundee Precious Metals, Zebra Kasete, says the acquisition of Osino Resources signals a new era for economic expansion and establishes Namibia as a pivotal player in the mining industry while ensuring job opportunities.

On Monday, Dundee Precious Metals announced the acquisition of Osino Resources, a substantial deal worth N$214 million. 

The acquisition marks a significant step in expanding Dundee's portfolio and solidifying its presence in gold mining.

Muyunda crowned overall PRO


In recognition of excellence in government communications, the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism's Romeo Muyunda was honoured with the prestigious title of Best Government Communication Officer or Public Relations Officer of the Year 2023.

This accolade highlights his exceptional skills and contributions in the field of public relations, setting a high standard for government communication nationwide.

Home Affairs Ministry underscores service excellence


At the year-end function of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security, Minister Dr. Albert Kawana commended the collaborative efforts of different departments in advancing the ministry's objectives.

Highlighting the ministry's achievements, Dr. Kawana emphasised the role of visionary leadership, the exceptional service of officers, and the unwavering dedication of the team, which together ensure the smooth functioning of the ministry's critical operations.

EU, UNFPA pledge towards GBV fight


The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the European Union (EU) have entered into a partnership to promote gender equality and combat gender-based violence.

This event signifies a commitment to a strategic partnership aimed at addressing GBV comprehensively.

The partnership, unveiled amid the global campaign of the "16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence," marks a beacon of hope for countless individuals affected by GBV.

Namibia, like many other nations, is grappling with alarming rates of GBV.

Queen Kamati CoW mayor


In a highly anticipated election for the new mayor of Windhoek, city councillors navigated a tense voting process, with Swapo Councillor Queen Kamati emerging as the new mayor.

It was a closely contested affair between the Popular Democratic Movement's Clemence Hanases and the Swapo Party's Queen Kamati during a special council meeting to elect the city's new leadership.

Out of 14 valid votes, Hanases received 5 votes, while Queen Kamati garnered 6 votes, securing the mayoral chain.

Axali Jakobus Doëseb's life celebrated


Namibia is celebrating the life of the remarkable Axali Jakobus Doëseb, who many agree left an indelible mark on the world of music and culture. 

Axali Doëseb, born in 1954 in Okahandja, hailed from a musical family and was a prodigious talent in the field of music. 

Doëseb's educational journey took him to the Musikschule Herford in Germany, where he earned a degree in music and furthered his academic pursuits by obtaining a B.A. in Musicology from the University of Marlborough, United Kingdom.

12-year-olds eye in danger following alleged incident of bullying


The ministries of education and health have extended support to the family and a 12-year-old learner who could potentially lose vision in one eye after allegedly being bullied at school.

The boy was allegedly struck in the eye by a ruler thrown by an elder learner at Erongosig Primary School in Usakos.

It is alleged that despite the child's immediate complaints of impaired vision, he remained at school.

He was only taken to Windhoek for medical attention after arriving home from school.