Residents of Uis face severe water shortage amidst Namibia's drought challenges


As Namibia continues to mitigate the effects of drought and climate change over the past decades, the residents of Uis in Erongo Region are grappling with a dire water shortage crisis.

Erongo Governor Neville Andre noted that the water crisis goes beyond Uis, saying it is affecting the whole of the Daures Constituency, and the government is working on transporting water from other areas.

Erongo Governor emphasizes region's economic significance and strategic location


Erongo Governor Neville Andre says the region is strategically located and remains an active hub of economic development as it houses key industries such as the fishing sector, mining, logistics, and transport, as well as tourism.

Andre said this during a courtesy visit by the Brazilian business delegation to his office.

Andre says if trade agreements between the two countries are successful, it will help address the country's high rate of youth unemployment and an unskilled workforce. 

Female bartender robbed of over N$200,000 at gunpoint in Walvis Bay's Kuisebmond


A female bartender was robbed of more than N$200,000 at gunpoint by two unknown suspects in the early hours of yesterday at Walvis Bay's Kuisebmond.

At the time of the robbery, the bartender was preparing to go to the bank to deposit the money.

Two men appeared suddenly as she stepped out to take a taxi, one of whom was armed with a pistol.

Youth embrace agriculture as viable livelihood option


Agriculture is becoming popular among young people as a means to make a living.

30-year-old Petrus Muyeve from Karibib is one such person who turned his erf into a garden, and it's now paying off.

Muyeve migrated to Karibib from Rundu in search of a better life for himself and his three children.

However, after years in Karibib, he found himself still unemployed and struggling to make ends meet.

Muyeve and his family live in a location called Uis, one of many informal settlements that have sprung up due to urbanisation.

Karibib Municipality prioritise food security


The Chairperson of the Karibib Municipal Council, Lazarus Kanelombe, has emphasised that food security is a crucial legacy of the independence that Namibians battled to achieve. 

He highlighted ongoing initiatives within the township aimed at combating food insecurity, alongside efforts to reduce poverty and unemployment. Notably, the council has spearheaded the creation of a community garden project designed to support over 60 vulnerable, unemployed women, who are expected to benefit from this initiative soon.

Swakopmund braces for busy Easter weekend as traffic surges into popular destination


Many Namibians and visitors are expected to spend their Easter weekend in Swakopmund.

The popular holiday destination has experienced high levels of traffic into the town since the early hours of this morning.

NBC news reporter Stefan |Uirab interviewed the town's Mayor, Dina Namubes.

Omaruru single quarters to be transformed into open market


Plans are underway to convert the Omaruru single quarters into an open market.

Omaruru Mayor Vincent Kahua says the development will reduce the 70% unemployment rate among the youth in the town. 

The Omaruru Municipality relocated over 30 households last year from the dilapidated single quarters to Extensions 5 and 6 on the municipality's Kapekaha Road.

The decision to demolish the N$2.2 million single quarters was taken in 2014 after it was discovered that the houses were poorly constructed by a local contractor between 2006 and 2013.