Green Hydrogen Commissioner urges Namibia to advance industrial agenda


The Green Hydrogen Commissioner states that discussions surrounding green hydrogen in Namibia have progressed beyond mere conversation. It is now necessary for Namibia to develop a plan for a green industrial agenda, focusing on production and the establishment of new industries.

During an interview on NBC's Talk of the Nation program, James Mnyupe mentioned that Namibia has made significant progress in the development of green hydrogen, which has demonstrated positive potential for the country.

IPC launches ground mobilisation commandos in Rundu


Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) launched its Ground Mobilisation Commandos in Rundu this weekend.

The Ground Mobilisation Commandos targeted about 13 locations in and around Rundu to mobilise and recruit new members.

"To ensure victory over the troops in Oshana, it is crucial that we go out and recruit. Just yesterday, we welcomed 776 new members to our party. This continuous growth is a testament to the IPC's commitment to serving our people and our readiness to govern this country," said IPC President, Panduleni Itula.

Okaku Constitueny by-election campaigns end


Political parties at the Okaku by-elections have shown maturity during their campaigns with no incident of intimidation or provocation reported.

Parties contesting the by-election are Swapo, PDM, IPC and NEFF.

In its campaign message, PDM put forward a proposal policy of one family one toilet, and the construction of bridges to allow residents easy access to public institutions and facilities during floods as well as potable water in every household.

PDM is also advocating for the effective transformation of young people.

Swapo Party's Lister Shamalaza re-elected Katima Mulilo Mayor


Two out of seven members of the Katima Mulilo Town Council Management Committee have been sworn in after a successful election today.

Lister Shamalaza has been re-elected mayor and is being deputized by Lasken Sikosi of the Popular Democratic Movement, a position previously held by the Swapo Party's Christina Simanga.

John Ntemwa remains Chairperson of the Management Committee.

Trouble at Usakos Town Council


Elections for new political leadership at the Usakos Town Council could not continue after Independent Patriot for Change councilor and former Mayor, Wilfred Wiese, allegedly disrupted the legal process.

Wiese, according to one of the councilors' lawyers, Irene Simeon-Kurtz, allegedly usurped the role of the magistrate when he interrupted the presiding officer and declared the meeting null and void.

IPC confirm Dr Panduleni Iitula as sole presidential candidate in 2024


 IPC's Chief Patriot Dr Panduleni Iitula has taken an oath accepting his candidacy as the party's sole presidential candidate for the 2024 national elections, amongst scores of party members and sympathisers at Okandjengedi in the Oshana region. 

Scores of people from the  Oshana region came out in numbers to support their party's presidential candidate and listen to his address pertaining to the 2024 Presidential and national elections. 

Iitula was sworn in by prominent lawyer Dirk Conradie with Bishop Lukas Katenda gave him his blessing ahead of the elections. 

IPC reaffirms to fight corruption come 2024


The Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) believes it has what it takes to end corruption, come 2024.

Trevino Forbes, the party's vice president for the Erongo Region, stated this during a recruitment drive in Narraville, Walvis Bay.

"We are the party that puts principles above privilege. We are not faced with positions; we are faced with making a change. All of us standing here joined IPC because we saw the need for change. If everything had gone well, we would not have joined political parties, and we would have been happy."

ACC clears Desiree Davids of corruptly misusing her position for own benefit


The Anti-Corruption Commission has cleared former City of Windhoek Councillor Desiree Davids of corruptly misusing her position on the council to fast-track her application for an erf in Windhoek’s Rocky Crest residential area.

Dawids was further accused of making use of officials from the Office of the Mayor and its letterhead to give the impression that the application was sanctioned by the Mayor’s office.