Police, Media trained to coexist

The Namibian Police, in conjunction with UNESCO, concluded a training of trainers workshop titled 'Project on Training Security Forces in Promoting Freedom of Expression and the Safety of Journalists'.

Over 54 participants were trained at the Israel Patrick Iyambo Police College in the capital.

Among the training's main aims were to improve the working relationship between media and law enforcement agencies and reinforce citizen trust in the police force.

Lieutenant General Shikongo pledges to protect journalists

Lieutenant General Joseph Shikongo has vowed that the Namibian Police will ensure and uphold the safeguarding and protection of journalists in the country.

The Inspector General was speaking at the Training of Trainers Workshop on Freedom of Expression and the Safety of Journalists in Windhoek.

"As the Inspector General, I am here today to make a pledge that we will continue ensuring the safe guarding and protection of journalists and the freedom of expression by the public."

MoEAC hosts public discussion on social protection for artisans

The Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture (MoEAC), in partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), hosted a public discussion on social protection for Namibian artists and cultural professionals.

Social protection for artists and cultural professionals aligns with the UNESCO 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, to which Namibia is a signatory.

Emma Theofelus launches ROAM-X

The Internet is rapidly changing the face of public service and making daily life easier.

Since Artificial Intelligence and other technologies have been evolving with the internet ecosystem, it has become important to assess how people engage with them.

It is against this background that the Internet Society Namibia Chapter launched the Namibia National Internet Universality Indicators Assessment in Windhoek today.

UNESCO's Executive Board meets in France

UNESCO's Executive Board is meeting at its headquarters in Paris, the capital of France.

During the presentation of its national statement at the board meeting, Namibia welcomed a proposal in UNESCO's Draft Programme and Budget for 2024–2025 that aims to address the physical and mental health of young people.

Namibia is an Executive Board member and is represented by its Ambassador to France and Permanent Delegate to UNESCO, Albertus Aochamub. 

Presenting Namibia's national statement, Aochamub welcomed the Draft Programme and Budget for 2024–2025.

Radio could serve as a tool to create tension and animosity among citizens - ICT Deputy Minister

Radio could serve as a tool to create tension and animosity among citizens.

Therefore, there is a need for all radio personalities and the public to use the tool as a medium of communication wisely.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology Emma Theofelus made the call during the celebration of World Radio Day.

Namibia education system in crisis

The Deputy Executive Director of the Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture says the education system is in crisis.

Edda Bohn attributes the current state of affairs in education, including the poor performance of learners in the new curriculum, to the economic recession experienced prior to 2016.

Bohn says that the funding availed by the central government to effectively implement the new curriculum has not been sufficient.

MoEAC describes 2022 school year calendar as fast paced

The Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture Executive Director Sanet Steenkamp has described the 2022 school year calendar as fast-paced.

Steenkamp has highlighted the 14 regional consultations, which the ministry undertook to engage stakeholders on how to better the education sector and have great learner outcomes.
The 14 regional consultations resulted in the national education conference, which was hosted by the ministry in August this year.

The conference, Steenkamp says, was a guiding tool for the ministry's seven-year education plan.

Namibia, Botswana and South Africa awarded UNESCO Peace Award for aquifer cooperation

Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa were awarded the UNESCO Peace Award for cooperation in transboundary groundwater governance and management in Paris, France.

Namibia and other African countries attended the two-day UN-Groundwater Summit, which was themed "Groundwater: Making the Invisible Visible." The gathering looked at various aspects, such as how African countries can cooperate in groundwater management and utilization.