RFA, Katima Mulilo, RA sign MoA for rehabilitation of key roads

A five-year memorandum of agreement to assist with rehabilitating and upgrading roads in Katima Mulilo was signed between the Katima Mulilo Town Council, Road Fund Administration and Roads Authority.

The town council's Chief Executive Officer Rafael Liswaniso said the long-awaited development would not only transform the town but also bring economic growth.

Public urged to remain calm as RFA introduces toll gates

The Chief Executive Officer of the Road Fund Administration has called on the public to remain calm amid the rising panic, as plans to introduce toll gates along 23 road sections in Namibia will force motorists to dig deeper into their pockets.

Ali Ipinge, instead, says Namibia stands to earn up to N$750 million in yearly earnings to upgrade and maintain its prestigious roads using toll gates, which he insists are common across Africa, Europe, and large parts of Asia.

Petrol prices decrease to N$1.00 per litter

JUST IN | The Ministry of Mines and Energy has announced N$1.00 per litre decrease in petrol prices, while diesel will remain unchanged. 

The ministry has also decided to reinstate the road user charges (RFA) and MVA levy to their original levels while the NAMCOR levy remains at the current level until further notice

This is effective from this Wednesday, 05/10/2022.