Meatco bleeding from stock theft at Zambezi Quarantine Camp


The Namibian Police in the Zambezi Region have advised Meatco to beef up security at its Kopano Quarantine Camp, where stock theft is becoming rife at the government facility. 

The Meat Corporation of Namibia has 900 cattle quarantined there.

Multiple cases of stock theft have been reported at the facility over the past three weeks, where about 12 camps are home to Meatco cattle.

Police blamed for Coblenz's increase in stock theft


Located about 200 km north of Otjiwarongo,Coblenz settlement residents blame the police's slow reaction time to crime for the increase in stock theft in the area.

Just this week, residents found the internal organs and skins of about 20 goats and sheep under a bridge five kilometres from Coblenz.

To their dismay, after calling the police, they had to wait for about an hour before the police arrived.

This, the residents narrated, is nothing new from the Coblenz police.

Omaheke Farmers Protest Granting of Bail to Stock Theft Suspects


Farming communities in the Omaheke Region are objecting to the granting of bail to suspects who are involved in stock theft.

The group is of the opinion that stock theft has become a serious concern in recent years, and this has robbed them of their livelihoods.

Reading the petition, the Chairperson of the Community Against Stock Theft Organisation, Nanda Murangi, says most of the suspects of stock theft are repeat offenders and always get away with bail.

Farming community in Epukiro speaks out against escalating stock theft incidents


Since the beginning of the year farming communities in the Epukiro Constituency have lost more than 170 livestock to thieves.

Speaking at Omaueuozonjanda in the Epukiro Constituency CASO Vice Chairperson Kahepako Kakujaha says it is time to strengthen the security level in the constituency to curb stock theft.

Stock theft at Otjimbingwe rise


The repeated release of suspected stock theft criminals on bail is contributing to rampant stock theft at Otjimbingwe.

This is according to community members who have called on the police and courts not to grant bail to suspects with pending cases.

Farmers in the Otjimbingwe area lose millions of dollars every year due to stock theft.

In 2020, one farmer lost about seven heads of cattle, worth N$98,000, and was forced to make peace with the loss of 11 animals valued at N$110,000 in one incident.

High stock theft cases in Aminuis a concern among farming communities


High stock theft cases in the Omaheke Region's Aminuis Constituency are causing concern among farming communities.

Farmers say they are losing donkeys and small stock, and more than 50 animals were stolen during the past two months.

Hence, the community called upon the Namibian Police Force to tighten up its operation around the corridors and the constituency at large.

Crime rate along the Kunene River increases


Stock theft, illegal entry into the country, and robberies rank amongst the highest daily crimes committed along the Kunene River.

As a result, residents want a police station at Otjinungua Village in the Epupa Constituency to curtail criminal activities between Namibia and Angola.

Cases of stock theft and illegal entries are said to be heightened due to the absence of gazetted entry points between Namibia and Angola's Namibe and Cunene Provinces.

Gang attacks and robberies are also showing an upward trend in the area.