Elambo Combined School teachers protest over inconsistencies in bush allowance


Staff members of the Elambo Combined School in the Oshikoto Region petitioned the Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture to address inconsistencies in the bush allowances.

Demonstrators claim that staff members at some schools get a bush allowance of N$1,750 per month, but at Elambo Combined School, they get N$1,150 per month.

Teachers said they have been knocking at the ministry's door over the matter since 2012 but with no answers.

Teachers from Oshana, Oshikoto gather at Omuthiya to celebrate their Day


Teachers from the Oshana and Oshikoto regions were commended for their efforts in educating the young members of society and the global village.

Without teachers, there would be no formal education and citizens would not acquire the advanced knowledge needed for technological advancement and the ability of the nation to be part of the fourth industrial revolution.