Use the correct traditional titles when referring to traditional leaders- Uutoni


Urban and Rural Development Minister Erastus Uutoni has reiterated the need for communities and their traditional leaders to use the correct traditional titles when referring to traditional leaders.

According to the minister, the increased usage of the terms “king” and “queen” in reference to traditional leaders is constitutionally and legally incorrect, according to Section 11 of the Traditional Authorities Act, 2000 (Act 25 of 2000).

Eben Tjozohongo || Nguvauva new Ombara of Ovambanderu


Eben Tjozohongo Nguvauva || was coronated as Ombara of the Ovambanderu Traditional Authority at Omaue-ozonjanda in the Epukiro Constituency of the Omaheke Region.

Ombara Tjozohongo Nguvauva ||, succeeds his late brother Killus Munjuku lll Nguvauva, who died last year.

In his acceptance speech, the new Ovambanderu leader promised to promote unity among his people. "I'm advocating for peace and unity amongst different communities and extending my cooperation with fellow traditional authorities as this has been how our elders have been doing that also, with respect."