Farmers residing on the outskirts of Windhoek happy with the good rains


Farmers residing on the outskirts of Windhoek are happy with the good rains that continue to pour in their areas.

Farmers visited by our news team say they are relieved by the rains as they reignite their farming practices and ensure their own food security and self-reliance.

Those living at Satan Slog or ǂHoas say after enduring a very difficult and dry season last year, grazing for their livestock has drastically decreased.

One of the residents, Abel !Kharuxab is optimistic that farming will be much better and hopes that good rains will continue for some time.

Heavy rains in the capital leave some residents homeless


The good rain received in Windhoek yesterday has brought with it some misery, leaving some residents homeless.

When it rains, it brings relief. But in most cases, the people who live in Windhoek's informal settlements fear floods when they see dark clouds.

The fears of the residents of Oshitenda were confirmed yesterday when heavy rains poured down and flooded their houses.

Those who built their homes in river beds and on the edges are the ones who are affected.