Omuthiya Open Market vendors disappointed at the market's deplorable state

Vendors operating at the Omuthiya Open Market say they are disappointed with the town council for allowing the market to be in a deplorable state.

This market, located in the Capital of Oshikoto is popular with locals and travelers for selling delicacies, among them this braaied pigeon.

But what lurks in the background of this busy market and just a stone's throw away are these deserted open market stalls.

They have now been turned into accommodation facilities by homeless people. 

Food is prepared in an open unhygienic area.

Arandis residents unhappy with town council

More than 100 senior citizens of Arandis staged a demonstration over alleged poor management by the town council.

The senior citizens have also appealed to the Council to write off their debts.
The elderly accuse the council of keeping tenders aside for friends and families of those in the council management.
They say this contributes to the high unemployment rate among residents of the town, particularly the youth.

Construction of Khorixas VTC well underway

The Khorixas Mayor, Lena Gaeses, is happy with the progress made towards the construction of the Vocational Training Centre (VTC) in the town.

Gaeses, says that once completed the VTC will have an impact on the lives of the residents and the image of the town.

Gaese revealed this in an interview with the nbc News team.

Gaeses believes, the opening of the Khorixas VTC will create more jobs for the residents.

She says the Town Council at its meeting with the Namibia Training Authority, agreed that less specialized jobs be reserved for local people.

All Nkurenkuru Town Council office bearers re-elected

All office-bearers at the Nkurenkuru Town Council have been re-elected.

Mayor Marcus Muti was re-elected for the second term, deputized by Fani Kaundu.

Muti says Nkurenkuru will continue to implement socio-economic development programs aimed at enhancing the well-being of its residents.

He believes residents of the town and the council can work together to reverse the effects of some of the social ills affecting them.

Request to write off two town councils debts could cripple NamWater- Schlettwein

The Minister of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform, Carl Schlettwein, says a request to write off debts of N$56 million by two town councils could cripple NamWater.

The request was made by the Okakarara and Otavi town councils for debt incurred due to poor revenue collection from rates and taxes.

Schlettwein said it's not a feasible decision to write off debt as it would financially cripple the water utility.

Namwater is owed N$637 million in debt. Of this, Okakarara and Otavi owe more than N$14 million and N$41 million, respectively.

Katima Mulilo residents demand land delivery from Town Council

A group of residents at Katima Mulilo in Zambezi staged a demonstration, demanding land delivery from the Town Council.

The demonstrators are also accusing the Town Council of allegedly failing to implement development projects promised during the elections.

"Unnecessary suspension of employees became rife here in Katima Mulilo Town Council, the delay of interview results, resulting in the appointment of any staff to occupy department positions which they or one does not qualify for."