The Khorixas Mayor, Lena Gaeses, is happy with the progress made towards the construction of the Vocational Training Centre (VTC) in the town.

Gaeses, says that once completed the VTC will have an impact on the lives of the residents and the image of the town.

Gaese revealed this in an interview with the nbc News team.

Gaeses believes, the opening of the Khorixas VTC will create more jobs for the residents.

She says the Town Council at its meeting with the Namibia Training Authority, agreed that less specialized jobs be reserved for local people.

"The value that it will bring is that people will be educated which is important, job employment is the second one that will come to Khorixas and people will not feel neglected."

The Khorixas Mayor also revealed that the council plans to engage the community by organizing township hall meetings to actively participate in the process of recruitment.

Several training workshop blocks are completed such as plumbing, bricklaying and plastering, carpentry, refrigeration, administration, and the main entrance.  

Photo Credits
Samuel Kandjii