Otjiwarongo motorists worry about potholes

Motorists at Otjiwarongo are calling on the local municipality to fix potholes that they say are damaging their vehicles and slowing down their business. 

The wide and deep potholes are a nightmare to motorists who fear they might cause accidents as they negotiate around them and are costing them money as tires are constantly damaged.  

Taxi drivers shared their concerns.

"Our business is running slow because of these potholes, then there is the fixing of cars our cars are getting old day by day, we need to change this."

Outjo Municipality expands existing open market to accommodate more vendors

The Outjo Municipality is expanding the existing open market to accommodate more vendors who usually sell on the sidewalks.

Outjo is a town of more than six thousand inhabitants and is best known as the main gateway to one of Africa's largest national parks, Etosha.

The town receives an increasing number of visitors on a daily basis.

The sidewalks are, however, filled with vendors, making it difficult for them to serve their purpose of keeping people off the roads.

Outjo Municipality drills three additional boreholes

The Outjo Municipality has drilled three more boreholes in an effort to address the water shortage in the town.

For the past four years, the underground water in Outjo has been going down as a result of subduction.

"It's a natural process that takes place underground, which can be because of weathering, chemical, biological, or physical, and they are still getting water, but sometimes we have to close so that the water can be opened in intervals so that they can at least get water," said Outjo Mayor Johannes Bapello.

57 mobile toilet facilities handed over at DRC

A lack of water and poor sanitation are affecting the quality of life for the less privileged residents of Swakopmund. 

This was said by the Mayor of Swakopmund, Dina Namubes during the handing over of 57 mobile toilet facilities at DRC.

Namubes says the availability of these toilets will help fight diseases and preserve the health and well-being of the residents.

"The results of these poor personal hygiene practices often lead to exposure to diseases and unwanted illnesses. Therefore, as per our mandate to provide basic services to our community."

Otavi roads to be upgraded

Otavi residents will heave a sigh of relief as roads, will be upgraded this year to address the pothole issue within the town centre and informal areas.

Otavi Mayor, Isaac !Hoaeb revealed that over N$700 000 has been set aside to refurbish the roads.

!Hoaeb says the upgrading of the roads will be done in many key areas as little or no upgrade has taken place for years now, adding improved road networks will attract investors to the town. 

Mixed emotions over relocation of Single Quarters hostel dwellers at Orwetoveni 

A decision by the Otjiwarongo Municipality to ease the overcrowded Single Quarters hostel units at Orwetoveni has been met with mixed emotions by residents who are refusing to be relocated to a new service area with no water and electricity.

 Group chairperson, Irene Uushona says residents will remain defiant and not move from the dilapidated four unit houses to Kamp 5 settlement on the outskirts of the town as it's not habitable.

Uushona says the relocation area is not yet proclaimed to accommodate hundreds of residents and lacks basic services.

Walvis Bay battling to maintain its roads due to high volume of traffic

Walvis Bay is battling to maintain its roads and the high volume of international traffic, including trucks, transporting goods increases on the harbor town's roads.

This was highlighted by the town's Mayor, Trevino Forbes, during Council's first ordinary meeting.

 Forbes says the high volumes of international traffic, including heavy trucks, transporting goods have contributed to the roads being damaged. 

However, he says the burden of road maintenance and repair falls on the shoulders of the town's ratepayers.  

Construction of Khorixas VTC well underway

The Khorixas Mayor, Lena Gaeses, is happy with the progress made towards the construction of the Vocational Training Centre (VTC) in the town.

Gaeses, says that once completed the VTC will have an impact on the lives of the residents and the image of the town.

Gaese revealed this in an interview with the nbc News team.

Gaeses believes, the opening of the Khorixas VTC will create more jobs for the residents.

She says the Town Council at its meeting with the Namibia Training Authority, agreed that less specialized jobs be reserved for local people.