Henties Bay marches against littering the ocean


The annual World Ocean Day activities, which are slated for June 8, began with a procession in Henties Bay.

The joint march by Henties Bay Law Enforcement & Traffic, schoolchildren, and marine students from the UNAM Sam Nujoma Campus resumed from the Sport Field to the Henties Bay Tourism Centre. 

The Mayor of Henties Bay, Lewies Vermaak, officiated at the occasion and expressed gratitude to the stakeholders for their continuous support in making the event a success. 

N$15 million water pipeline upgrade near Henties Bay to start soon


The upgrade of a five-kilometre water pipeline near Henties Bay is expected to start soon, following the awarding of a N$15 million tender to a local company.

The pipeline ferries water from the Omdel acquifier at the Omaruru river mouth to ensure water supply at Hentiesbay.

Erongo Governor Neville Andre says the multi-million-dollar upgrade shows the government's commitment to service delivery despite challenges like a sparsely populated country.

Erongo Governor's VIP ticket withholding sparks controversy amid community concerns


Omaruru, Henties Bay, and Arandis councillors did not attend the Independence Day celebrations at Katima Mulilo in their official capacities after the Erongo Governor withheld their VIP tickets.

Erongo Governor Neville Andre says the councillors must first address community issues in their towns before attending celebrations.

The Independence Day organising committee gave 50 VIP tickets for each region to send their public office bearers to the national celebrations.

However, the Erongo Governor has excluded leaders from Omaruru, Henties Bay, and Arandis.

Rural-Urban Migration Increases Poverty in Towns


Many Namibians are migrating from urban to rural areas in search of greener pastures, but the hope of finding employment is never possible.

nbc News reporter Stefan Uirab visited the town of Henties Bay, where many people are living below the poverty line.

Even in the heart of the town, shanty houses can be seen all around, some underbuilt with discarded materials, where the homeless live.

A third of the town's residents live in informal settlements with limited access to basic services such as water, electricity, and toilets.

Young People Encouraged to Make Time for Family During Christmas


Residents of Henties Bay say as a result of Western culture, young people have lost touch with family traditions and no longer value them.

They say young people prefer to spend time with friends as opposed to family, missing out on an opportunity to reflect on the importance of spending quality time with them as well as strengthening bonds.

Days like Family Day allow families to celebrate one another while also allowing young people to tap into the wisdom and knowledge of seniors.

Arandis Constituency Councillor urges young people to be more innovative


The Arandis Constituency Councillor has urged young people to be more innovative in order to come up with new business ideas to curb the high unemployment rate.

This was stated by Benita Imbamba during the handing over of equipment to small business enterprises in Henties Bay.

The equipment was procured through the Arandis Constituency Development Fund.

The fund has so far assisted 16 youth-related projects in both Arandis and Henties Bay.