Otjozondjupa Health Directorate launches cholera awareness campaign 


With an increase in cholera cases in some SADC countries, the Directorate of Health in the Otjozondjupa Region has launched an awareness campaign to educate communities about the disease.

The campaign targets schools, rural areas, and peri-urban areas identified as at-risk communities.

An environmental health practitioner in the Otjiwarongo District, Olivia Mbambi, said during a visit to Karundu Primary School that the awareness campaign is a proactive measure by the ministry to empower communities with knowledge about cholera.

MICT rolls out pilot Digital Computer Literacy Program


The digital divide between urban and rural communities is getting narrower as the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology ensures that the young reap the benefits of the digital world.

To motivate this, the ministry will roll out a pilot Digital Computer Literacy Program to five regions following its launch in Tsumkwe.

The program is aimed at increasing digital computer literacy in rural areas.

It is one step towards achieving a 100% digital literacy rate in the country by 2030.

UNDP, FAO want rural communities to adopt new farming techniques


The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) want rural communities to adopt new farming techniques to improve food security.

The UN agencies are hosting a two-week trainers' session for agriculture scientists who will conduct farmer field schools, meant to empower rural communities.

Twenty-five agriculture technicians from the Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform gathered at Rundu to attend the training program.