Government addresses concerns over |Khomanin communal land rights

The address follows questions posed by PDM Leader McHenry Venaani to Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila, which drew attention to Article 19 of Namibia's Constitution.

Article 19 affirms every person's right to enjoy, practice, promote, and maintain their culture, language, tradition, or religion, provided it does not infringe on others' rights or the national interest. Venaani highlighted the plight of the |Khomanin community, which has practiced its beliefs and traditions but lacks communal land.

|Khomanin Traditional Authority demands to meet CoW's leadership

The |Khomanin Traditional Authority stormed the City of Windhoek Council Chambers on Thursday afternoon, demanding to meet the city's political and administrative leadership.

The delegation, headed by the |Khomanin Gaos, Juliane Gawa!Nas, made record gains when they entered the council chambers at will.

There was no one in the chambers at the time, but it did not matter because they had all the time in the world to drive their message home.

NSA online assistance beneficial

The |Khomanin Traditional Authority claims that assistance provided by the National Statistics Agency (NSA) in response to the outcry of disadvantaged communities without internet access to apply for jobs in the upcoming national census has been all but helpful.

Applicants arrived as early as nine o'clock to seize the opportunity to apply for the Census vacancies at the residence of Gaos Juliane Gawa!Nas of the |Khomanin Traditional Authority,

The assistance was provided by the NSA to help technologically disadvantaged individuals with the online application.

|Khomanin Traditional Authority say NSA recruitment process is discriminatory

The |Khomanin Traditional Authority says the online registration and application process for potential employment for the 2023 Population and Housing Census deprives rural citizens, particularly youth, of opportunities for employment.

In a country where many are unemployed, the announcement by the Namibian Statistics Agency (NSA) that it is undertaking a mass recruitment drive of over 13,000 Census Field Staff sowed a glimmer of hope for thousands of Namibians, particularly the youth who have no access to the internet, let alone smartphones.

City of Windhoek refutes claims of relocating some residents

The City of Windhoek has refuted claims of relocating some residents to an area where the |Khomanin Traditional Authority claimed to have several gravesites.

The Authority visited a once-forgotten grave site last week in the Moses ||Gäroeb Constituency.

The grave is that of Ouma Amalia |Hones, who died in 1963.

The |Khomanin Traditional Authority says that |Hones is of royal descent; her grave was discovered in 2020 by city officials during a relocation process before they moved residents from the Havana Four-Way.

|Khomanin Traditional Authority calling for improved service delivery

The |Khomanin Traditional Authority is calling for improved service delivery from both the central government and the City of Windhoek.

A delegation led by senior traditional councilors visited the nbc News to air their concerns.

They alleged that the two institutions are treating them like second-class citizens.

Among the complaints, the traditional leadership wants the City of Windhoek to put up more speed humps in the Dolam residential area.