The |Khomanin Traditional Authority stormed the City of Windhoek Council Chambers on Thursday afternoon, demanding to meet the city's political and administrative leadership.

The delegation, headed by the |Khomanin Gaos, Juliane Gawa!Nas, made record gains when they entered the council chambers at will.

There was no one in the chambers at the time, but it did not matter because they had all the time in the world to drive their message home.

As residents of the |Khomas Region, their dissatisfaction lies in the alleged unilateral decisions by the City of Windhoek's political and administrative leadership.

On numerous occasions, the |Khomanin say, they have made attempts to engage the city's leadership, but their efforts often hit a brick wall.

They accuse the City's leadership of making decisions that have far-reaching and dire consequences for the |Khomanin people in areas where it has extended its boundaries.

By the time the nbc News crew left the chambers, the delegation was still comfortably seated and sticking to their guns.

We are reliably informed that, in their resoluteness, the city's Mayor Joseph Uapingene eventually granted them an audience.

It was concluded that a meeting to be attended by all stakeholders will be called at a time to be announced.



Emil Seibeb