The Ongwediva Town Council has tabled the 2023\2024 budget of N$172,3 million.

The Council has set aside N$2,6 million and N$2 million for the construction of stormwater channels, as well as for the provision of water and sewer reticulation infrastructure at extension 11 and extension 12 respectively.

N$7 million is budgeted for water storage and supply infrastructure at the Omatando extension while N$700,000 will go towards the installation of high mast lights at Onawa and Okandjengedi.

The provision of an electricity reticulation network at Sky's phase three is also budgeted at N$1,3 million.

"Installation of streetlights on the main road C46 from Nekulilo Omagano Memorial school towards the Ongwediva police checkpoint to the tune of N$3 million, a continuation of the project for the installation of streetlights along Ongwe street to the tune of N$500,000 development of a park at extension 11 to the tune of N$2.5 million and development of a multi-purpose sports field phase-four to the tune of N$6 million," said the Ongwediva Mayor Taarah Shalyefu.

There is also a need to rehabilitate, upgrade and repair existing infrastructure to extend its economic lifespan.

The rehabilitation of the road between the Oshana shopping mall and David Shikomba business will take up N$3,5 million of the budget while N$500,000 is allocated for the construction of a new pump station at the Reception Area.

"Upgrading of buildings and related infrastructure, the passenger lift in the council's townhouse which was installed during the year 2003 has aged, reach its economic lifespan, and therefore needs to be replaced as a safety and security measure and in accordance with occupational health and safety requirements an amount of N$900,000 has been set aside to carter for this essential need."



Tonateni Haimbodi