Two sewer reticulation projects completed in Ongwediva Town Council


The Ongwediva Town Council has completed two sewer reticulation projects to improve sanitation.

The first will ensure sewer reticulation at Extension 15, while the other will secure the same for the location, Sky Phase 1.

Both projects, costing N$15.2 million, were officially inaugurated by the Urban and Rural Development Minister.

Ongwediva Mayor Taarah Shalyefu says an application for sewerage connection normally costs more than N$2,000, but the council considered the economic situation of residents, who can now be connected for free until December.

Ongwediva Town Council tables 2023/2024 budget


The Ongwediva Town Council has tabled the 2023\2024 budget of N$172,3 million.

The Council has set aside N$2,6 million and N$2 million for the construction of stormwater channels, as well as for the provision of water and sewer reticulation infrastructure at extension 11 and extension 12 respectively.

N$7 million is budgeted for water storage and supply infrastructure at the Omatando extension while N$700,000 will go towards the installation of high mast lights at Onawa and Okandjengedi.

Ongwediva Town Council cuts off the water connection to Eluwa Special School


The Ongwediva Town Council cut off the water connection to Eluwa Special School yesterday, leaving close to 300 learners with visual and hearing impairments without access to clean water.

Investigations carried out by nbc News revealed that the school is in arrears with N$725,000.

The last payment done on the account was N$244,000, which was in October last year.

This morning, the learners, who are all staying in the hostel, had not eaten nor bathed as they attended classes.