Police Inspector General Joseph Shikongo says people are frustrated and unsatisfied with delays in court cases.

Lieutenant General Shikongo has called on police officers and public prosecutors who are attending a five-day workshop at Swakopmund to serve the public with integrity. According to the Head of Namibian Police, members of the public, ranging from street vendors to farmers, have been calling him to complain about the snail's pace at which court cases are concluded.

Lieutenant General Shikongo says there are some lazy prosecutors and police officers who are contributing to the delays. Prosecutor General Martha Imalwa and Attorney General Festus Mbandeka stressed that the conference will be able to interrogate if public prosecutors are winning or failing in the delivery of justice in Namibia.

During this workshop, crucial issues, including gender-based violence, maritime and environmental crimes, as well as human and drug trafficking, will be deliberated upon.



Renate Rengura