The United People's Movement (UPM) President Jan van Wyk has called on the opposition political parties to unite and come up with strategies that would increase their numbers in the National Assembly.

Van Wyk was speaking at the party's public meeting in Rehoboth.

The UPM Leader says the current representation of the opposition parties in the National Assembly has made things difficult for them, especially when it comes to the tabling of motions, private member bills, and the passing of pieces of legislation.

Van Wyk cited various private member bills that are pertinent to addressing bread and butter issues but were blocked by the Swapo Party majority.

Unfortunately, he says, opposition parties struggle to work together, a situation that is preventing them from collectively addressing matters of concern to society.

He urged fellow political leaders to change their mindset and work out a plan collectively to increase their representation in the National Assembly.

Van Wyk also called on UPM members to familiarise themselves with the electoral process and re-register as voters as per the Electoral Act.

He urged his members to have all the required documents to partake in the voting process.

The UPM leader further urged the party's youth league to ensure that its structures are in place to play its part in the upcoming election crusade under the theme "God heals our land".

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Celma Ndhikwa


Celma Ndhikwa