The Presidency has clarified the writer status of Axali Doëseb, who is also the composer of Namibia's National Anthem.

This follows the announcement by Minister in the Presidency, Christine ||Hoëbes at the annual Damara Festival at Okombahe on Saturday, that the late Doëseb provided only the melody to the anthem and that various members of the committee contributed different parts to the anthem.
However, a 1991 government gazette lists the late musical maestro as the writer and composer who emerged victorious among two shortlisted candidates in the final selection stage.

In a statement released on Monday, the Presidency notes Doëseb's exceptional deeds in the writing and composition of the National Anthem 'Namibia, Land of the Brave', saying these shine bright and shall not be forgotten.

The Presidency said the government lauds Doëseb for his patriotic contributions to building the Namibian nation by assigning to the Namibian government the respective copyrights in the words and music of the said composition.

Therefore, in terms of the National Symbols Act, 2018, the melody, music, and lyrics of the National Anthem are declared to be in the public domain, the statement said.

The Presidency further announced that ahead of the state memorial service and state funeral, national flags would be flown at half-mast.

The date of the burial will be determined by the family.



Blanche Goreses