International relations expert Dr. Kaire Mbuende has applauded South Africa's decision to recall its diplomats from Israel amid the ongoing bombardment by Israel on the Gaza Strip.

South Africa described Israel's act on the Gaza Strip as a "genocide".

Speaking on Good Morning Namibia, the former ambassador justified South Africa's actions, stressing they were the right move.

Dr. Mbuende touched on the likely dire economic consequences for South Africa and other countries that have enacted this stance.

"It was a calculated move to sever ties with Israel and thus bear the cost, seeing it was based on a humanitarian perspective, and if it will have a negative impact on your economy because of your principal position, so be it."

Asked if Namibia was likely to follow suit, this is what Dr. Mbuende had to say: "Namibia does not have a diplomatic mission in Israel, but obviously Namibia has been very consistent in its stance on the issue of Palestine, and this is only serving to strengthen the position Namibia has taken."

He expressed his annoyance with the mute attitude of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

"They are behaving as if nothing is happening; we don't hear any statements coming from the ICC. And their credibility is at stake if they don't come out."



Lahia Hatutale