Namibia's fiery pronouncement on Germany's decision to support Israel's genocide in Gaza has drawn interest worldwide, especially from social media users.

On Sunday, the Namibian Presidency issued a statement in which it condemned Germany for supporting Israel in its genocidal acts in Gaza.

While major media outlets have published Namibia's position, it is the reactions on social media that show a shift towards a heightened need for justice.

Sunday's post by the Presidency has clocked 24 million views on X and was reposted about 96,000 times and counting. 

Some social media users also admitted that, as a result of Namibia's pronouncement, they got to learn about the extensive atrocities Germany, the former colonial power, committed against the more than 70,000 Nama and OvaHerero people.

Namibia's scathing condemnation of Germany's warped moral compass for siding with Israel in its alleged genocidal acts in Gaza is not the first time the colonial power rubbed up the land of the brave the wrong way.

In 2018, President Geingob publicly rebuked former President of the German Parliament Norbert Lammert, who questioned China's perceived growing influence in Namibia.

The German government is yet to fully atone for what is widely believed to be the first genocide of the 20th century, committed on Namibian soil during a brutal extermination clampdown on the Herero and Nama populations during the period 1904–1908.

Germany is also criticised over the N$18 billion it is offering in development project funding targeting the affected communities, following a series of negotiations between the two governments over the atrocities committed.



Blanche Goreses