Windhoek residents and visitors are urged to follow state motorcade regulations during the official memorial service and burial this weekend to avoid potential penalties. Deputy Chief Adam Eiseb of the City Police Service shared these warnings on nbc's legal TV talk show, 'Wheels of Justice.'

A state motorcade consists of vehicles or a group of motor vehicles travelling together to escort Namibian or foreign state dignitaries, accompanied by traffic officers or military police. Heads of state, national, regional, continental, and international dignitaries are anticipated to attend the official memorial and burial of the late President Hage Geingob. Consequently, an increase in traffic is expected, and residents and visitors are advised to be cautious on the busy roads.

"This law specifies how you should behave, with the first condition being that you should stop. It is essential to clarify whether there is one traffic lane or multiple lanes since the rules differ. If there is only one lane, it is crucial to stop on the extreme left of the road. In the case of two lanes, you must stop in a safe position.

When a traffic officer or military police officer suspects that you have violated this rule, you will not be given the option to argue or admit guilt. You will be immediately arrested, and charges will be filed against you. You may face a fine of up to N$4,000, a one-year prison sentence, or both upon conviction."

The public is advised to avoid roads where motorcades will be passing, seek alternative routes, and refrain from playing loud music. While the law stipulates that a state motorcade must be escorted by traffic officers or military police, we strategically station officers at intersections in advance to manage traffic flow. Additionally, we increase the number of vehicles in the motorcade to provide advance warning and clear the road ahead.



Selima Henock