Tributes continue to pour in from across the country as Swapo Party members in the Karibib District gathered in Usakos to celebrate the life of the late President Hage Geingob. They hosted the candlelight ceremony while singing traditional hymns.

They described the late Geingob as one of the best diplomats the nation has seen and an exemplary leader who advocated for peace, prosperity, and unity in the nation. 

Swapo members say it was Geingob's visionary and dynamic leadership, his unmatched personality, and his composure that made him among the party's most dedicated cadres.

The mourners said Geingob and his contemporaries sacrificed their private lives for public service, not for personal gain or to be praised, but for the emancipation and independence of the nation.

They made note of the late Geingob's youthfulness despite his advanced age, and most particularly his connection with the masses, exemplified through his allegory that he was Head of State over a 'Namibian House'.

The late president, they added, believed in bridging the divide between the 'Old Guard' and today's generation, empowering youth across all sectors of society. 

Karibib Swapo District Coordinator Lazarus Shangombe said the late Geingob was a distinguished leader who led the nation on the right path.

Also addressing the event was the Karibib District Regional Councillor, Melania Ndjago.

"The nation is mourning the untimely passing of our late President. Not only was he a Namibian leader, but he was the leader of the world, a leader of note who travelled to most corners of this world, be it the United Nations Organisation, African Union, Non-Aligned Movement, Southern African Development Community, and other international and continental formations that are dedicated to humanity, equality, social justice, economic empowerment, and the freedoms of the still oppressed, such as the people of Palestine and our brothers and sisters in Western Morocco." 

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