The Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Dr. Peya Mushelenga, has motivated a budget of over N$964 million in the National Assembly.

The bulk of the budget is earmarked for development projects.

Dr. Mushelenga stated that this allocation will fund crucial capital projects both at diplomatic missions abroad and at the headquarters in Windhoek.

He also highlighted the completion of the Namibia International Women's Peace Centre. 

Dr. Mushelenga stated that his ministry's primary emphasis will be on the renovation of properties to enhance efficiency and functionality. 

80% of the ministry's budget is, however, at the mercy of exchange rate fluctuations.

The remaining N$894 million is dedicated to operational expenses, driving the five programmes of the Ministry, namely Regional and Bilateral Relations and Cooperation, Multilateral Policy Co-ordination, Protocol and Consular, Missions abroad, and Coordination and Support Services.

"The funds set aside for this programme are aimed at advancing economic diplomacy by way of promoting investment, trade, and tourism between Namibia and other countries on a bilateral level through the mechanisms previously deliberated. Furthermore, a notable focus is placed on development cooperation partners, particularly on the enhancement of traditional South-South alliances, emphasising the importance of expanding collaboration in various areas such as industrialization, trade, human resource development, technology sharing, cultural exchanges, and tourism. As an essential function of this ministry, officials are required to accompany H.E. the President, the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, and Ministers on missions abroad, and such activities are within the scope of this programme. An amount of N$153 million is allocated to this programme, of which 78% is dedicated to regional and international organisation membership fees. The remaining amount is set aside to facilitate Namibia's active engagement in multilateral forums to ensure that Namibia's voice is heard and influences the international discourse to the benefit of Namibia."

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