National Assembly goes on recess


The National Assembly has announced a recess period from April 30th to June 4th, 2024, marking a break in the 9th Session of the Seventh Parliament.

The lower house will be on recess from tomorrow until the 4th of June. 

During this session, the National Assembly addressed a wide spectrum of issues, demonstrating its commitment to legislative duties and public service. 

Two bills were tabled, 12 motions were considered, and 15 annual and ministerial reports were reviewed.

NA's Deputy Speaker motivates Electoral Commission's reports


The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Loide Kasingo, motivated the annual reports submitted by the Electoral Commission of Namibia. The reports covered several key areas pertinent to the commission's operations.

Kasingo emphasised that the report not only demonstrates the commission's compliance with legal provisions but also highlights its dedication to fulfilling its mandate.

She stressed the importance of elected representatives recognising the trust placed in them by the people and utilising the report as a tool for enhancing the electoral system.

MPs presented with draft amended Standing Rules and Orders of National Assembly


The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Loide Kasingo, has presented the amended draft Standing Rules and Orders of the National Assembly to the House for approval. 

The draft rules encompass rules of procedure for both the National Assembly and its various committees, including the standing, spending, and select committees. 

Loide Kasingo highlighted that the rules have been fine-tuned to align with international conventions and practices.

MPs advocate for global peace


Members of Parliament in the National Assembly have voiced support for global solidarity, introducing motions affirming solidarity with Cuba, Palestine, and the decolonisation of Western Sahara.

Swapo Party MP Leevi Katoma moved a motion expressing unwavering solidarity with Cuba, highlighting the historical ties between Namibia and Cuba. 

For years, Namibia disapproved of the United States' economic blockade against Cuba.

MIRCO motivates over N$964 million budget in the National Assembly


The Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Dr. Peya Mushelenga, has motivated a budget of over N$964 million in the National Assembly.

The bulk of the budget is earmarked for development projects.

Dr. Mushelenga stated that this allocation will fund crucial capital projects both at diplomatic missions abroad and at the headquarters in Windhoek.

He also highlighted the completion of the Namibia International Women's Peace Centre. 

Prof. Katjavivi and delegation at attend 148th IPU Assembly


Speaker of the National Assembly, Professor Peter Katjavivi, will lead a delegation of Members of Parliament to the 148th IPU Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, from March 23 to 27, 2024, with a focus on international cooperation, peacebuilding, and addressing pressing global challenges. 

Professor Katjivivi will deliver a statement during the General Debate at the Assembly under the theme "Parliamentary Diplomacy: Building Bridges for Peace and Understanding".

PDM's Katrina Benz calls for improved Katrina Benz


In her maiden speech in the National Assembly, Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) MP Katrina Benz emphasised the need for enhanced service delivery across public institutions.

Quoting the late Nelson Mandela, Benz stressed the significance of making a tangible difference in the lives of Namibian citizens. 

She underscored the importance of representation in politics, advocating for inclusivity across all demographics to foster a diverse and respectful environment where every voice is heard.

Namibia achieves gender parity in NA


Namibia has attained a 50-50 gender balance in the National Assembly, the spokesman of the lower house of parliament, Sakeus Kadhikwa, confirmed. 

Kadhikwa marked the achievement as a milestone, as Namibia is the only country so far in Africa that has reached gender balance in parliament.

The development underscores the nation's commitment to promoting inclusivity and equal representation in its political sphere. 

NA protocols cause discord over appropriation bill


Discord ensued as Members of Parliament in the National Assembly engaged in a fervent debate, questioning the existing parliamentary protocols after PDM MP Nico Smith rose to contribute to the Appropriation Bill.

The Minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security, Albert Kawana, sought clarity on the standing rule that Smith used to be the first member of parliament to contribute to the Appropriation Bill.