The Namibia Correctional Services (NCS) Commissioner General, Raphael Hamunyela, held a consultation with the Community Advisory Committee at the Oluno Correctional Facility, where he acknowledged the committee's work. 

The committee bridges gaps, enhances communication, and promotes understanding between the correctional facilities and the broader community. 

It further strengthens relationships, promotes rehabilitation, and advocates for positive change within the correctional system.

The NCS Commissioner-General expressed appreciation for the committee's selflessness and advocacy for the well-being of offenders, which promotes a safer environment within the facility.

"We just want to promote transparency because we at the correctional service have nothing to hide. We want to say that all that we are doing should be known. And because of that, we brought in a community advisory committee to be our advisor. I like them because they like me and because they advise me on many things, which I know and which I don't. And I like that they normally bring resources on issues on which we can't do anything, but you will hear, they brought this, they brought that."

Those in attendance reflected on the successes, challenges, and opportunities for further collaboration between the correctional service and the community.

The Community Advisory Committee's chairperson, Benjamin Sitambi, acknowledges their role as advocates for positive change, supporters of offender's welfare, and ambassadors for building stronger ties between correctional facilities and the communities.

"Most of what we do is look at the prisoners, the inmates that are about to be released and suggest or assist with programmes or even materials for them to be integrated into society. It's actually tough because we have to visit and see what's going on. Last year, we bought Christmas hampers for 18 female inmates, and we also paid fines for 11 inmates."

The committee members were also awarded certificates of appreciation.

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Ndapanda Shuuya