Popular Democratic Movement leader McHenry Venaani says Namibia's current and future oil deals need to be renegotiated for Namibians to also benefit from these resources to provide fair jobs and better working conditions for Namibians.

Venaani joined workers at Walvis Bay in a march on May Day.

The PDM leader emphasised the high unemployment rate among young Namibians and said there are not many reasons to celebrate Workers' Day.

"Over 34 years after independence, you still have young people on the streets regardless of whether they have certificates, diplomas, or degrees, so we stood side by side with our young people when they demonstrated against youth unemployment. I was arrested; I went to jail because I'm not afraid to stand with the young people."

They said PDM has relentlessly advocated for the government to declare unemployment a state of emergency.

PDM President Venaani called on Namibians to give him a chance in the upcoming presidential election to change the situation.

"Are you telling me that in the country of Namibia, the land of the brave, with three million people, we are ready to receive 10 percent? Hawe multinationals pray that I don't become president; if I become president, I want a 13 percent oil deal for Namibia; between 13 and 15 percent, we shall negotiate so that more benefits go to the people of this country."

The leader of the official opposition called on the public to demand accountability, fairness, and transparency in all future negotiations, especially in the oil sector.

"Renegotiating our oil and extraction deals is not only essential for protecting our natural resources and safeguarding our economy's' future but also for enhancing job creation and ensuring that all Namibians have access to equitable employment. The potential benefits of such renegotiations are immense, and we must seize this opportunity to secure a better future for ourselves and future generations. On this Workers' Day, we must reaffirm our commitment to value addition to create meaningful employment for Namibians."

He called on Namibians to demand policies and initiatives that support local value addition and empower locals to participate in economic development.

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Renate Rengura