PDM wants oil deals renegotiated


Popular Democratic Movement leader McHenry Venaani says Namibia's current and future oil deals need to be renegotiated for Namibians to also benefit from these resources to provide fair jobs and better working conditions for Namibians.

Venaani joined workers at Walvis Bay in a march on May Day.

The PDM leader emphasised the high unemployment rate among young Namibians and said there are not many reasons to celebrate Workers' Day.

Opposition against Red Force mounts


Pressure is mounting against the Walvis Bay Municipality administration to remove Red Force as a debt collector.

Councillor Ephraim Shozi, at a community meeting last night (Wednesday), said he will table a motion at the next council meeting for the removal of Red Force as a debt collector.

Other councillors, including Ryan Gordon, Albertina Nkoshi, Paulus Kauhondamwa, and Ronald Bramwell, supported the decision.

Last month, residents marched to the municipality to demand the removal of Red Force as a debt collector at Walvis Bay.

Female bartender robbed of over N$200,000 at gunpoint in Walvis Bay's Kuisebmond


A female bartender was robbed of more than N$200,000 at gunpoint by two unknown suspects in the early hours of yesterday at Walvis Bay's Kuisebmond.

At the time of the robbery, the bartender was preparing to go to the bank to deposit the money.

Two men appeared suddenly as she stepped out to take a taxi, one of whom was armed with a pistol.

Man survives gruesome attack at Walvis Bay


A 28-year-old man survived a gruesome attack early last Sunday morning.

It is believed that an unknown assailant attacked the man with a sharp object, believed to be either a knife or a broken bottle, in the early hours of Sunday at the Tutaleni residential in Walvis Bay. 

The victim sustained open wounds on his right shoulder and right upper ribs, which left his lungs and intestines protruding. 

The man was taken to the hospital, where his condition was described as stable but critical. 

Walvis Bay Magistrates' Court in need of infrastructural boost


The Walvis Bay Magistrates' Court needs an infrastructural boost, as it lacks sufficient office and storage space.

Court officials informed parliamentarians that there have been delays in the renovation of a building, which ought to provide relief.

Members of Parliament visited capital projects under the Ministry of Justice and Office of the Judiciary at Walvis Bay.

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs wanted to observe the progress made on the renovation project of the lower court between 2018 and 2021.

Magistrate urges action on ''shocking'' conditions in police holding cells


Walvis Bay Magistrate John Sindano has called on parliamentarians to do something about what he described as "shocking" conditions in police holding cells.

Apart from overcrowding, the magistrate says mentally disturbed detainees languish in such conditions for years while waiting to be admitted to the only psychiatric ward in Windhoek.

Informal vendors struggle amid rapid population growth


Namibia's port of Walvis Bay is a town experiencing rapid population growth from individuals in search of greener pastures.

However, the hopes of many to find employment here are, more often than not, dashed.

Vendors come from all corners of the country to sell their arts and crafts to passersby at the southern gate of the Namibian Ports Authority.

This is their surest means to sustain their livelihoods, they say.

It costs to endure all manner of weather, from the scorching sun to the cold breeze from the Atlantic Ocean.