The Erongo Regional Council has, for the past three consecutive years, been rated as the best performer among its peers.

Regional Council Chairperson Benitha Imbamba, who was speaking at a regional council meeting in Swakopmund, emphasised the importance of customer service.

Imbamba, while expressing her satisfaction, reminded the councillors of their duties to deliver effectively and efficiently.

She acknowledged the work done by the Customer Service Charter Implementation Team and wants every staff member to acquaint themselves with it to live up to the promises made.

She pointed out that there was no excuse for being complacent and doing things as usual.

Times have changed, adding that there is a need for a mind-shift and to start thinking "out of the box" to maintain the status of a leading regional council in Namibia.

"I am pleased to have noted that the Regional Councillors, in consultation with the Control Administrative Officers in their respective constituencies, identified areas for improvement of the livelihoods of our citizens. Having listened to the presentations myself, I can attest that this is the way we should be working, and it's my plea that the annual plan for the 2024–2025 financial year will be executed with speed to ensure we uplift our communities from the yoke of poverty and inequalities."

She added that the Performance Management Policy aims to improve service delivery and transform the public service into a high-performing institution.
The system is one of the reform initiatives and strategic tools designed to manage organisational, individual, and team performance to realise organisational goals.

"Erongo Regional Council, as the subnational government subscribes to these high principles of performance management, it is therefore in line with this provision that the Chief Regional Officer, as the Accounting Officer of the institution, will today demonstrate his commitment to uphold the mandate and effective service delivery by signing his Performance Agreement for the 2024–25 financial year. This is being done to promote value, entice our employees about the need to be accountable, and demonstrate our commitment towards realising the dream of a robust and well-managed regional council."

The Chief Regional Officer, Mupenzeni Ntelamo, who was appointed last December, also signed his performance agreement.

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