Members of the Boundary Delimitation and Demarcation Commission is looking at a proposal recommending that the ||Kharas Region be split into two. 

||Kharas is the ninth region, whose residents are calling it to be split into two. 

"As a commission, we saw these disturbing trends, disturbing for the facts that I have stated. Now, I know in Namibia there are regions that are bigger, but I think at one point that trend needs to be discouraged because it is uneconomical and it is going to just look funny to the world that a country with the population of Namibia can have 23 regions,"

said Professor Phanuel Kaapama, a BDDC Member.

"But, the good consoling matter is if you say that the voters\residents of the Constituency of Oranjemund don't travel long distances. They just go to Oranjemund, and they are there. They are serving very closely. So, those asking for the creation of a region, as we said, are only a few, and they have allowances that can be used. We cannot create a region for only a few people. Not at all,"

added Petrus Unengu, Chairperson of BDDC.

The commission also sent back the Karasburg West Constituency to consult and reach a consensus after constituency councillor Taimi Kanyemba-Amakali and her Chief Administrative Officer Barend Both presented inconsistent changes to the constituency's boundaries. 

Karasburg East Constituency proposed name changes for both Warmbad Village and the town of Karasburg. It also further proposed that the boundaries of the villages of Grunua and Ariamsvlei be expanded. 

Karasburg East Constituency Councillor Anseline Beukes, however, maintained that consultations in her constituency were done in her absence. 

"At the end of the day, when there is a proposal, it should be signed by the leader, which is unfair because you were not part and parcel of any consultation, and the consultations were done on your behalf."

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