The Federation of African Law Students Society from the School of Law at UNAM launched a Free Legal Awareness and Community Education Clinic Project in Windhoek.

The initiative's primary objective is to help eliminate the lack of knowledge on human rights among community members, provide affordable legal services, and offer viable solutions to societal problems. 

Country Director of the Federation of Africa Law Students in Namibia, Ndanyama-Elao Amenenge Kalipi, stated that it is important for society to understand the law and exercise their rights freely.

"We are gathered to not just push for a cause of improvement, specifically in the legal and human rights spectrum, but also deeply unite and connect as a community and be able to leave this space fulfilled on various issues facing ourselves and the people we represent. Perhaps not fully fulfilled, but definitely with a direction on the next step and action."

Acting Vice Chancellor and Pro Vice-Chancellor at UNAM, Frednard Gideon, said human rights and freedom are fundamental to ensuring the right to life, security, health, promoting social justice, peace, stability, and maintaining the law.

He added that this would ensure that every person is protected and free from any violation.

"The legal aid clinics also aim to build a network of outstanding student lawyers who can collaborate towards a common future and ensure that African law students are attuned to new realities and global practices. These clinics will be conducted annually under the auspices of UNAM Cares in close collaboration with UNAM Legal Services and the Federation of African Law Students (FALAS) in the schools of law. The clinics will cover Namibian laws about crimes such as domestic violence, combating rape, marriage and divorce estates, and successions."

The Executive Director of the Ministry of Justice, Gladice Pickering, pointed out that laws are only as powerful as the individuals that enforce and utilise them, and without awareness, human rights laws remain mere words on paper.

"In a country where misinformation spreads like wildfire, education is our shield. It protects us from manipulation and empowers us to make informed decisions. An educated nation is a resilient population capable of challenging those in power and demanding the truth. Societies thrive when their people are educated and aware. Lack of education stifles development, hindering progress and the realisation of human rights. By investing in education, we invest in our future, and we invest in human rights."

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