Ovaherero people commemorate 119th Ozombuzovindimba Day


Professor Mutjinde Katjiua says the Ovaherero people have an assignment at hand in terms of good governance, resilient livelihoods, and the establishment of a cooperative to assist in the economic development of the community.

Professor Katjiua made these remarks at the 119th Annual Commemoration at Ozombuzovindimba Day in the Otjinene Constituency.

Speaking at Ozombuzovindimba Professor Katjiua highlighted the historical events at the site during the 1904 war between the German troops and the Ovaherero people that led to the extermination order.

Supreme Court dismisses Prof. Katjiua's appeal


The Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal filed by Professor Mutjinde Katjiua against a ruling handed down by the Windhoek High Court in April 2022.


The highest court of appeal has notified Katjiua that he failed to meet set requirements, and that his appeal is withdrawn, as no further steps were taken.


Mutjinde Katjiua last year approached the Court seeking an order interdicting and restraining Vipuira Kapuuo from acting on behalf of the applicant and/or being the duly authorised Acting Paramount Chief of the OvaHerero Traditional Authority.

OTA led by Prof Katjiua adopts key resolutions


The Ovaherero Traditional Authority faction led by Professor Mutjinde Katjiua has adopted various key resolutions at its Chief council meeting.

The resolutions adopted, among others, aim to guide and set the way forward for advancing community development, good governance, and institutional capacity building in the Ovaherero community.

The Ovaherero Traditional Authority faction, led by Professor Mutjinde Katjiua, is advocating for good governance, education, resilient livelihoods, restorative justice, and stakeholder engagement.

Riruako faction applies for recognition as Paramount Chief of OTA


A faction of the Ohaverero Traditional Authority (OTA), which oversaw the coronation of Dr. Hoze Riruako as Ombara Otjitambi of the divided OTA, has applied to the Minister of Urban and Rural Development to consider recognizing him as the Paramount Chief of the OTA.

Minister Erastus Uutoni now sits with two applications before him, which he must consider as the official authority.

The position of Paramount Chief of the Ovaherero became vacant following the sudden death of Ombara Otjitambi Vekuii Rukoro in June 2021.

Leader of OTA faction Group Professor Katjiua calls on Ovaherero community to rally behind 


The leader of the Ovaherero Traditional Authority Faction Group, Professor Mutjinde Katjiua has called on the Ovaherero community to rally behind him as he fights for their rights. 

While addressing a faction of the OTA members in Okahandja, Professor Katjiua says, his people continue to live in poverty, due to a lack of opportunities and no land.