The Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal filed by Professor Mutjinde Katjiua against a ruling handed down by the Windhoek High Court in April 2022.


The highest court of appeal has notified Katjiua that he failed to meet set requirements, and that his appeal is withdrawn, as no further steps were taken.


Mutjinde Katjiua last year approached the Court seeking an order interdicting and restraining Vipuira Kapuuo from acting on behalf of the applicant and/or being the duly authorised Acting Paramount Chief of the OvaHerero Traditional Authority.


He brought the application in his capacity as ‘duly elected Paramount Chief’ of the Ovaherero Traditional Authority.


But in the video below, High Court Judge Herman Oosthuizen ruled that Professor Katjiua did not have the right or capacity to bring an action or to appear in a court on behalf of the Ovaherero Traditional Authority and subsequently ruled the matter not urgent.



Professor Mutjinde Katjiua was installed last year as Ombara Otjitambi of the OTA by one faction of the authority, while Dr Hoze Riruako was installed this year by another.



Emil Xamro Seibeb