Overflowing sewage causes discomfort at Oshikuku


A resident of Oshikuku Mathews Hango is furious with the Town Council for not responding on time to address an overflowing drainage that filled his yard with sewerage water.

Hango decided to take the matter to the media when the unhygienic condition of the sewerage water that formed a pool in his yard became unbearable.

He says this week the drain started overflowing.

Hango says the stench is unbearable, and council officials were informed, but they turned a blind eye to his request.

Northern regions affected by power outages


The residents of the four northern regions were also affected by the power outages initiated by NamPower yesterday.

The town of Ondangwa was the first to face the consequences of NamPower, as their electricity was disconnected shortly after 17h00. 

Subsequently, power cuts were implemented in Ongwediva, Oshikuku, Eenhana, Outapi, and other towns and villages.

Omusati Region has seen significant growth and development since independence


The great Omusati Region, like many others, has seen significant growth and development since the country's independence.

The region's name, Omusati, comes from the Mopane tree, known in the local vernacular as omusati, which is the dominant tree species across the region.
The region, which is home to about 243,000 inhabitants, has six local authorities, which are Oshikuku, Okahao, Oshifo, Ruacana, Tsandi, and Outapi as its capital, and the officially proclaimed Onandjaba with two settlements, Onesi and Ogongo.