A resident of Oshikuku Mathews Hango is furious with the Town Council for not responding on time to address an overflowing drainage that filled his yard with sewerage water.

Hango decided to take the matter to the media when the unhygienic condition of the sewerage water that formed a pool in his yard became unbearable.

He says this week the drain started overflowing.

Hango says the stench is unbearable, and council officials were informed, but they turned a blind eye to his request.

Oshikuku Town Council Public Relations Officer John Siloiso says the problem was caused by pump machines that broke at their three pump stations, but says the Council will attend to the matter soon.

"First of all, we have to tender an apology on behalf of the council for the situation they found themselves in, but in this situation, the council is attending to; unfortunately, as indicated, there are three pumps that broke at the moment, and one of them is being attended to in order to have a new machine in place so that we resolve this situation as we move forward."

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Tonateni Haimbodi