Otjozondjupa residents urged to register for elections


As campaigns take shape ahead of the national elections, Swapo Party Central Committee member James Uerikua says the country is firm and solid under the leadership of the Swapo Party.

Uerikua expressed this at a mini-rally held at Okamatapati settlement.

Uerikua says that for the past 34 years, the Swapo Party has continued to lead the nation, despite developmental challenges. 

ECN officials urged to uphold institution's values


Otjozondjupa Governor James Uerikua urged the voter registration officials of the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) to uphold the values of the institution. 

Uerikua made the remarks when the ECN officials visited his office, pledging support to the officials to ensure a smooth and successful registration process.

The general registration of voters is scheduled to start from the 3rd of June until the 1st of August.

TB infection in Tsumkwe concerning


High rates of tuberculosis infection continue to be a huge concern in Tsumkwe Constituency in the Otjozondjupa Region.

Otjozondjupa Regional Health Director Gerbardo Timotheus shared his concern during a meeting with Otjozondjupa Governor James Uarikua.
The health director with the United Nations Centres for Disease Control and Prevention is on a week-long visit in the region to assess programmes supported by CDC Namibia.

Otjozondjupa Governor reiterates call for referral hospital at Otjiwarongo


Otjozondjupa Regional Governor, James Uerikua, has reiterated a call for a referral hospital at Otjiwarongo because of the many accidents happening on the B1 road.

Uerikua was speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Ombili Clinic at Otjiwarongo.

Otjiwarongo has a population of 220,000 inhabitants, of which 62,000 depend on health services from the Otjiwarongo State Hospital.

Otjozondjupa Region looks for alternate sources of water


The Governor of Otjozondjupa Region, James Uerikua, together with NamWater, visited boreholes, aquifers, and reservoirs to reticulate water from storage sources, expand and upgrade the existing water network, and bring water closer to dry areas in the region. 

The main economic activity in Otjozondjupa is in the agricultural sector.

The eastern part, with virgin land for grazing, is in dire need of water.

Otjiwarongo road infrastructure worsens, urgent action needed from local authorities


Road infrastructure in Otjiwarongo continues to worsen and needs urgent intervention from the local government authorities in the town.

The municipality of Otjiwarongo entered into an agreement with the Roads Authority and the Road Fund Administration to upgrade the road network in Otjiwarongo.

Good road network infrastructure provides a convenient and efficient mode of transportation for goods and services. This, in turn, makes goods and services more accessible to a larger group, leading to increased trade and commerce.

Otjozondjupa Electrification


The electrification of rural areas will be a main priority for the Otjozondjupa Regional Council in 2024.

The regional authority aims to electrify the Tsumkwe and Gam settlements first.

Otjozondjupa Governor James Uerikua says these two settlements are the only areas in the region that are still powered by solar and diesel generators.

In an interview with nbc News, Uerikua says an assessment of the rural electrification needs of Tsumkwe and Gam is now complete and only awaiting funding to start in the coming year.

Otjozondjupa RC to wave historic water debts


Otjozondjupa Governor James Uerikua says the regional council agrees to the writing off of historic water debts in certain cases.

Uerikua was speaking at a meeting with the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Human Resources and Community Development, which is currently hosting a hearing on historic write-offs of water and electricity debts.

Uerikua says local authorities with access to natural water sources must strengthen themselves to provide water to their communities.

Natis centre launched at Otavi


With a rich historical backdrop and a strategic location along the B1 national road and Trans Caprivi highway, Otjozondjupa's governor emphasised the need for increased economic activities to foster development in Otavi. Governor James Uerikua made these remarks during the inauguration of the NaTis learner licence testing and driving licence renewal centre in the town.

B2Gold Namibia hands over classrooms at Ombili Primary School


Learners of Ombili Primary School at Otjiwarongo are no longer being taught in tents, thanks to B2Gold Namibia, which has built them into a fully-fledged school.

Every year, the education sector faces numerous challenges, especially related to the placement of learners in the primary grades and a lack of proper structure.

At Ombili, where the project school started in 2019, 138 learners who could not find placement were taught in tents.