Namibia condemns sidelining of Palestine by UN Security Council


Namibia has called for the immediate reform of the United Nations Security Council to address inequity and injustice, reflect present realities, and ensure the legitimacy of its decisions.

This follows the recent failure by the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution granting the State of Palestine full membership in the United Nations.

Minister Peya Mushelenga holds productive talks with Russian counterpart


The Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Peya Mushelenga, had substantive and productive talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Dr. Mushelenga's visit was his first visit to Russia as Minister of International Relations and Cooperation.

A statement issued by the Russian Embassy says the two ministers agreed that bilateral ties, rooted in the uncompromising struggle of the Namibian people for self-determination, are expanding and based on friendship and mutual affection between the peoples.

Namibian academic Dr. Charles Mubita launches a book on international relations


International affairs help shape foreign policies that are developed to protect a nation's interests and influence its dealings with other nations on the world stage.

It is for this reason that a book aimed at showcasing the understanding of the complexities that underlie strategic decision-making processes at the intersection of national interest and global affairs was launched in Windhoek today. The book, titled "Symbiotic Relationship Between National Interest and Foreign Policy: The Nexus of Decision Making," was authored by Dr. Charles Mubita.

Need to develop national HR database in Namibia arises


Namibia needs to consider developing a national human resources database and document citizens with the necessary qualifications and skills to take up positions at international organizations.

This is the view of a public policy analyst and international relations expert, Dr. Marius Kudumo, who says 33 years after independence, Namibia needs to increase international representation.

Namibia's quotas at international organizations such as the UN, African Union, and SADC all remain unfilled.

10th Session of Namibia-Zambia Joint Permanent Commission of Cooperation ends


The 10th Session of the Namibia-Zambia Joint Permanent Commission of Cooperation has emphasised the need to urgently resolve technical barriers to trade.

The session ended at Swakopmund on Thursday.

The 10th Session of the Namibia-Zambia Joint Permanent Commission of Cooperation focused on crucial matters affecting development, such as economic and infrastructure development, transport and communications, health, minerals and energy, and agriculture, amongst others.