Residents of Otjimbingwe are frustrated over the lack of electricity in their homes.

They say letters requesting the electrification of their homes were written several times but without a positive response.

Under the rural electrification program, the government and Erongo Red have partially installed electricity at the Otjimbingwe settlement and surrounding areas.

However, those without electricity are not impressed because they have been waiting for years to have their homes electrified as well.

At a recent community meeting, the Erongo Red area supervisor urged the community to highlight their plight in a letter to the Chief Executive Officer.

This remark angered some residents, who described the meeting as a waste of time.

"I wrote letters requesting to get electricity. They brought some poles up until Husab 2, about 3 kilometers from where we are. But nothing happened after that. I wrote more letters, but there were no answers. I then requested a meeting with the former CEO, and they promised to do something," said Stanley Gawa!Nab.

"The government has the responsibility to provide water and electricity to each and every Namibian, isn't it? That's what the constitution says, okay? So why does the community have to apply for these services when the government knows there is a community there in need of water and other services? So all these three institutions are not doing their jobs; they need to team up and find ways to address the problem," added Seth Morrel.

Jonny Eichab described the situation as heartbreaking, adding that "we have leaders sitting here; maybe we must encourage each other to take a different route because this thing of meetings and sitting around here will not help. Let's take up some posters and march to the offices because we are wasting time here. There are a lot of people affected, so all these things are problems from years ago. I'm sorry to say, but I do not have confidence in the councilor, I do not have confidence in the governor."

The Personal Assistant to the Governor revealed that Erongo Red has requested the Governor submit a priority list of areas that need electricity, and Otjimbingwe is included.

While urging residents to be patient, Michael Jimmy said the COVID-19 pandemic also contributed to the issue.

"We are only now recovering from COVID, and I'm not trying to use that as an excuse! I'm just trying to make a point. So we should not just talk about grandstanding here; we should talk about solutions. The time for grandstanding and populism is over; now our people need solutions, and that's what we are here for."

Residents were advised to establish a committee that would work together with the constituency councillor.



Renate Rengura