The community of Omaheke said it has lost a family man, Absai Uetuesapi Mungendje, who always advocated for peace among his people.

Mungendje aged 99 died last week. 
The traditional priest was residing at Toasis, at the homestead of the late Hosea Kutako in the Aminuis Constituency.

The homestead is being transformed into a memorial museum in honor of the late Chief Hosea Kutako.

The late Mungendje was a nephew and a driver of the late Ombara Kutako.

Omaheke Governor Pijoo Nganate described him as an influential person who knew so much about traditional matters.

Mungendje was also among the group of 154 men who were sent into exile to join the liberation struggle for Namibia by Chief Kutako. 

"He was that man that took the Chief from place to place, to us he has played a big role and besides that, he is the custodian of the otjiherero people as far as their well-being is concerned, shaping them up to their ancestors to preserve the culture and he was a unifier but not only serve the otjiherero people but whoever comes to this mungunda homestead."

A family member Jazema Kaendo remembers Mungendje as a peacemaker.

"We have lost an incredible person, we have lost our lord as he has been someone who took us to God, many of us used to come here for the blessings, I am in pain." 

Mungendje was survived by 13 children.

Burial arrangements will be announced in due course.

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